Print your schematics!

So a lot of you asked for it, and here it is. We’ve added basic print support to the embedded viewer. Printing large images from within your browser is a bit of a haphazard process, depending largely on your printer drivers, which browser you are using, and precisely how big your paper is. So we’ve gone for an approach which gives you the most flexibility.

Simply click the print button (highlighted in the image above), and we’ll popup a new tab containing a full rendering of the schematic as one large image. From here you can either click the Print button we provided which will launch the standard in-browser print dialog. Or you can right click on the image and save it to your PC, from there you can print it using whatever software you prefer.

In our tests we’ve found that large schematics don’t scale down to a single A4 page very well, and browsers do not handle printing large images across multiple pages properly. Therefore if you are printing a large or complicated schematic you may find it easier to print it with your desktop software.

In the future we’ll look into doing tiled ‘poster’ style printing, perhaps with a PDF or some other mechanism to make printing out large schematics a bit easier.

We’ve also released a few improvements this week, we’ve optimised some of the rendering process so you should see more complicated schematics speed up a bit especially when zoomed in. We’ve also fixed a few rendering bugs, and improved our support for KiCAD alternate renderings of some symbols. 

In our next post we’ll be looking for some more responses from our users. We’re reaching a crossroads now with the site where we need to decide exactly what type of site CircuitBee will become in the future. That decision is largely dependent on you. So we’re going to spend a bit of time putting a survey together, so we can ask you the right questions to find out what you think we should do. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via our twitter, tumblr or you can contact me directly via email