Which formats does/will CircuitBee support?

Today Make posted an article from us on their blog. We’ve had a great response thus far, and had many many questions from people. The main thing people seem to be asking is what other formats will we support?

TonyD wrote this question to us through Tumblr:

I use DesignSpark PCB for my schematic and PCB designs, will this format be supported as well?

@adr asked us on Twitter if we’d have Fritzing support:

@circuitbee Just joined up. Would love to see Fritzing support sometime! Or maybe Fritzing can export to KiCad — will investigate.

Others seem to be coming in thick and fast, as well as requests for Gerber/PCB support and lots of other features. If you have an idea for something we should do with CircuitBee please post it through our feedback forum on UserVoice

To answer peoples main question though, we’ll try and support every format we can find a specification for. This is surprisingly difficult however since most schematic design tools seem to use closed formats and won’t give out specifications. Thats why we started with KiCAD support first since it was easy to find the specifications for it.

We do however support EagleCAD right through the use of a ULP export script that converts your schematics to KiCAD format. We also intend to support Fritzing since it has a nice open XML format. Other schematic capture tools will be addressed as we can find the specifications and time to support them.

If anyone out there at DesignSpark, or Eagle or any of the other tools wants to lend a hand by giving us specifications for their file formats, or even writing export scripts for CircuitBee please get in touch and we’ll sort something out so everyone can get involved!